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“Viv was an extraordinary inspiration to us all as an experienced academic. She was truly a great mentor; firmly encouraging robust, coherent and consistent study, combined with meticulous, inclusive and critical research; all delivered with a sensitivity and enthusiasm that cannot be praised enough. Viv always displayed deep social intelligence, natural empathy and a generous willingness to share an enviable understanding and reflexive mastery of her capacity to communicate and enlighten. I thoroughly enjoyed the constructive learning experience and group relationship created and managed by Viv.”

Postgraduate Student


“Viv was inspirational, her workshops were rich in meaning, depth and originality, she understood language at a deep level and was therefore able to unlock and simplify meaning in an accessible way for all participants. Viv was also very insightful, intuitive and knowledgeable and so her feedback was accurately tailored to what you needed at that time. I loved Viv’s teaching and workshops for all of the above and more!”

Postgraduate Student & Workshop Participant


“In 2014 I developed and commenced delivery of a qualification in ‘Teaching Mindfulness and Compassion for Professionals’ and Viv was the obvious choice to help me design and produce a student handbook for the course. Viv was fastidious in her attention to detail and the resultant handbook was recently highly praised by the Awarding Organisation. She brought her knowledge, expertise, resourcefulness and professionalism to our meetings and I recommend her highly.”

Karen Atkinson, Mindfulness UK

Mindfulness UK

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