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Testimonials – Personal Life Coaching

“Viv life coached me for 11 months. She helped uncover the truths, barriers and insights I needed to make changes in my professional working life. I experienced profound shifts in understanding that were truly life changing. I highly recommend Viv to anyone who is ready for her gentle but radical coaching approach.”

NHS Speech Therapist

“Viv has been my coach recently. I selected her because I knew from my prior association with her that she is insightful, inventive and intuitive – all qualities I wanted in a coach. She has helped me exceed some personal and business goals. I had built the foundations for my business but required help to evolve it, which Viv facilitated with a lot of patience and listening. Some of the lessons will stay with me for a long time. Great Skills and much appreciated.”

Professional Photographer

“I want to thank Viv for helping me find the clear way to my life’s work and mission. I now know that the things in my life are there for a good reason. My professional music career has expanded into a World Project of films, writing of my life story and my Dare to Dream Project. Viv helped me to find my direction again. I highly recommend her as a coach who works with people’s creative development.”

Professional Musician

“After 4 months coaching with Viv, I have put my personal and professional life into perspective. I have a clearer understanding of myself and saw positive changes with regards to my belief system and my spirituality. I am taking actions that move me through quite powerful changes.”

Complimentary Therapist

“I was at a stage in my life when my direction had become unclear. Viv worked with me for 3 months; patiently, sensitively and with real skill to help me uncover my own value system. We then explored together how I might use this knowledge to inform my future choices. This has made a significant difference to the way I think about my own happiness and well-being. I would recommend her whole-heartedly.”

Funeral and Marriage Celebrant

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