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Personal Life Coaching – Coaching Process

“what are the questions that don’t go away, the questions that make more of us as people?”

Whyte D (2010) What to Remember when Waking, Sounds True, Bolder USA.

Every coaching journey is unique, varied in length and outcome.

A typical coaching journey lasts between 2 – 10 months, with a client returning occasionally after the initial period of coaching for clarity and perspective about the path they have chosen to live.

You can choose the length of your coaching journey depending on your needs and monies available. You can come weekly for an intense period of a few months or come every 3-4 weeks over a longer period of time, between 3-10 months. These details are negotiated at the start of your coaching journey.

A session lasts 1 hour, unless a request for more time is made.

At the end of a typical session, the coachee will complete an insight form; setting out her/his meaningful intentions and agreed actions for purposeful change. If appropriate, I provide recommendations and signpost clients to relevant resources to facilitate their personal and/or creative development.

I keep accurate records of my work with clients and ensure they remain confidential.

I coach on a one to one basis in my private practice in Taunton, at Prometheus Psychological Therapy Centre. Click here for location. Available on Mondays and Tuesdays with some flexibility on other weekdays. Skype and telephone are available for additional sessions.

Please contact me below for further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me to discuss your personal or corporate coaching needs, workshop enquiries, bookings and fees.