Comfortable with Stretch at Work

Viv Grant News

As part of maintaining her on-going CPD, Viv recently attended a workshop at Buckfast Abbey, Devon on discovering where your professional boundaries are in the workplace in relation to staying safe in your comfort zone and needing to be innovative both as a coach and employee. The workshop was facilitated by Executive coaches Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall and hosted by the CMI (Chartered management Institute).

CIC CIC Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton – Film Committee

Viv Grant News

Viv is pleased to announce  that she is an active member of CIC CIC Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton, Somerset – Film Committee. Viv and the committee volunteer their time and knowledge to bring a wide range of documentary, popular, social comment, animation, local and world cinema to the community to inspire creativity, topical debate, enjoyment and appreciation of the medium.


Life Coaching Collaboration with Slee Blackwell Solicitors

Viv Grant News

Viv is extremely pleased to announce her new collaboration with Slee Blackwell Solicitors, Taunton, Somerset office, offering Life coaching services to Slee Blackwell clients experiencing Separation and Divorce.  Click here for more

We recognise that whilst the legal aspects of divorce are best served by solicitors, the emotional and practical impact can be expressed and supported within a Personal Life coaching context with an aim to create manageable working solutions for the client. We believe this is a win-win collaboration that supports client’s wellbeing during an incredibly unsettling time.


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