4th Post-Adoption Discovery Walk – Taunton, Somerset

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Saturday 19th Oct. 2019 @ 10.30am

Building on the insightful discussions which arise as our group of adult adoptees walk in nature and share their experiences and affects of adoption through the life cycle, we continue to provide the opportunity for you to join our community of adult adoptees as we grow in confidence, resilience and friendship.

Please contact Viv (your walk facilitator) on reception@vivgrant.co.uk for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to our small, yet growing community of adult adoptees.

Mental Health First Aider July 2019 MHFA England

Viv Grant News

Viv is pleased to announce she has recently become a qualified MHFA (Mental Health First Aider) through her training with MHFA England via the Royal British Legion, HQ in London. Viv runs her own coaching business as well as currently working as a part-time Wellbeing Assistant for the RBL in Somerset.

Viv now has in depth, practical skills to support wellbeing whilst providing first aid to people who may be experiencing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, suicide, PTSD or psychosis.

Primarily supporting people serving in The Armed Forces or Ex-Armed Forces Communities in the South West of England, such knowledge of mental health conditions can be applied to the wider community via its application through Viv’s coaching in corporate settings or within a personal life coaching context. Through her role as a coach & wellbeing assistant, Viv’s purpose is to support positive mental health and wellbeing through raising awareness of resilience processes.

3rd Post-Adoption Discovery Walk – Taunton Somerset

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Saturday 7th Sept. 2019 @ 10.30am

Due to the success of our previous post-adoption discovery walks and talk in the nurturing hands of nature, we are extending our reach by continuing to offer a safe and welcoming space for adult adoptees born between 1950 -1979 to share, compare or just listen to others about their adoption experiences.

The aims of the walks are for you to create connections and friendships with other adult adoptees primarily in the South West which may help you reflect, review, create new meaning or develop a fresh perspective of your journey as an adoptee. Please contact Viv here (your walk facilitator) for more information. The walks are free.  

Post Adoption – Discovery Walk – Life Story Work & Support for Adoptees placed for adoption between 1950- 1970 –

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Saturday 8th June 2019 –

10.30 -12.30am, Taunton, Somerset.

After the launch of our 1st successful Discovery walk aimed at sharing adoption experiences and supporting adoptees who were placed for adoption between 1950-1970, we are running our 2nd Post-adoption Discovery walk in Taunton, Somerset on Saturday 8th June, 2019. If you wish to participate and meet other adoptees to share your experiences in a welcoming and safe group as we walk and talk in nature, weather permitting, please contact Viv here for further details. I look forward to hearing from you.