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Corporate Workplace Life Coaching

“21st century organisations are complex living systems which are continually recreating themselves. Their success depends on individual and collective awareness to do the same.”

Senge,P et al (20087:8) Presence: Exploring profound change in People, Organizations & Society, NB Publishing, London.

I offer speciality corporate workplace life coaching for professionals in Higher Education, Creative Industries and Broadcast Media.

I coach women and men in leadership roles, creatives, broadcasters, journalists and senior academics who are committed to working through challenging phases of professional transition.

Individual employee’s or HR managers can contact me to discuss how they wish to provide opportunities for women or men in the organisation to develop new professional insights, skills and knowledge which enable a healthy management of the complex demands of working in an organisation.

Human potential life coaching can facilitate the capacity to deal with changing job roles and responsibilities, promotion and redundancy during organizational change, self-management and communication skills, equality and diversity issues, appraisal and renewed creativity that mobilize employee’s talents to benefit the organization and their career.

Such creativity, skills and knowledge promote human flourishing, informed and aligned with the organization’s values and strategies whilst being mindful of personal values and beliefs individuals hold.

Human Potential Life coaching is presence based and future focused. It offers a refreshingly contemporary model which coalesces with more traditional and well-tried behaviouristic coaching models.

It is a holistic, transformative model of coaching which works with the mind, body and heart in the workplace. Uniquely, clients are encouraged to work with greater awareness of the sensations that arise in their body providing a more embodied approach to workplace coaching that connects to and releases employee’s potential.

Whether privately funded or organizationally funded the route to coaching aims to enable clients to move from surviving to thriving.

Professional Standards

I use the Association for Coaching Global Code of Ethics to inform my corporate workplace life coaching. I have an Enhanced Certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service. I hold Professional Civil Liability Insurance.

HR Managers or employees; please contact me below to discuss the coaching process in more detail and how I can work with your organisation to enhance your employees professional practice, engagement, sustainable wellbeing and creativity. I am available to facilitate Corporate Workplace Life Coaching on Wednesdays and Thursdays in your organisation.

Please contact me to discuss your personal or corporate coaching needs, workshop enquiries, bookings and fees.