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Corporate Workplace Life Coaching – How it works

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Through powerful questioning, constructive conversations and reflection, clients are encouraged to explore their relationship with the organisation they work in and their professional roles and responsibilities.

Being aware of our deeper felt sense of what may be present in our lives is the central philosophy to the presence based, human potential coaching model. It focuses on what unfolds in the present moment and how that can inform future work/life choices through the creation of specific intentions.

The coaching process works best when the client is committed and willing to embrace new concepts and ways of doing things. This may involve challenging perceptions, changing thoughts, feelings and taking actions that better serve the client on their professional career journey.

At the end of a typical 1 ½ hour session, the coachee will complete an insight form: setting her/his intentions and agreed future actions for manageable change within the organisation. Where appropriate, such changes are supported through recommendations and/or signposting to relevant resources. These may facilitate improved communication, employee approach and attitude to working in the organisation, retention and development of talent, professional identity, presence, values, leadership and spirituality.

Life coaching is not a form of therapy. At any stage of the coaching process, should it arise, clients are signposted to relevant professional services, i.e. a qualified Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Doctor, Financial Advisor, Solicitor, and appropriate practitioners.

“The Presence Process isn’t only about the next few weeks of your experience, but about the rest of your experience. It’s about discovering how to live each moment responsibly for as long as we are given moments to experience. It only requires conscious use of attention and intention.”

Brown, M (2014:91) The Presence Process, Jaico Publishing, Ahmedabad.

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