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Corporate Workplace Life Coaching – Benefits

“For about one in three British workers, exhaustion, stress or both have become an inescapable part of their working lives. That is a shocking failure of our imagination and our will to devise a work culture which sustains human well-being rather than erodes it.”

Bunting, M (2005: 177) Willing Slaves: How the overwork culture is ruling our lives, Harper Perennial, London.

Professionals have explored workplace challenges such as:

Career development and aspirations, transitions to a new leadership role, delegating, setting clear boundaries and expectations, redundancy, workplace bullying, stress management as a result of a series of life events beyond work and their impact on ability to work effectively and healthily, assertiveness training, managing menopause in the workplace, professional presence & identity and working through a creative block.

Return on Investment can offer:

Increased employee engagement, improved communication and decision making, ability to manage powerful emotions (anger frustration, exhaustion) at work, capacity to delegate effectively, and development of resilience through employing “Mindfulness” techniques, increased body intelligence, renewed creativity, and increased self-awareness in the workplace.

I travel from Taunton, Somerset throughout South West England to Central London and Internationally to coach professionals working in recognised Creative Industries, Broadcast Media and Higher Education organisations.

Please contact me to discuss your personal or corporate coaching needs, workshop enquiries, bookings and fees.